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Low Calorie Margarita's with Miss Mary's

Hola! I am going to share an how to make a Margarita! Pero para la dieta! I am so excited to talk about low calorie cocktails! We found an amazing margarita mixer from Miss Mary's . We love that this business is family owned and makes some of the best low calorie mixers we've tired. They handcraft their mixers in small batches with ingredients like lime juice, organic blue agave nectar, and bright essential citrus oils.

We love buying mixers and experimenting with different flavors so this Margarita mixer was a must try! I like it a lot because you simply shake your tequila with the mixer and serve! I will let you try it out and you let us know what you think!

Did you know we have other recipes? We release new cocktail recipes, bar reviews, brand reviews every Monday! Check out our blogs here!

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