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5 Cocktail Wedding Topper Designs that Make Guests Smile

Are you in search of Cocktail wedding toppers? Check out these 5 cocktail wedding topper designs that sweep your guests off their seats. These toppers are a fun way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. They come in many designs and themes, so there’s sure to be one that will suit your personality and style. What is a cocktail topper? A cocktail topper is a customizable image, logo, or typography design placed on top of your favorite cocktail.

You may personalize toppers with monograms or initials and a variety of colors and designs! Show-stopping wedding cocktail toppers are available. A quick glimpse at the glassware guarantees the guests' astonishment. They probably didn't anticipate such a unique way to show them some love. Without a doubt, people will fall in love with your toppers when love is in the air.

You might assume that the dress, the flowers, the cake, and the venue are all that matter for your wedding day but there’s more to think about! Don’t forget many small intricacies are what add detail to your event. Let’s say a flower to garnish your drink is one of those finer details that make your wedding bloom. Of course, the individuals that attend your wedding become its most significant component. Including some engaging and original wedding favors will surely strike an impression on everyone.

Cocktail wedding toppers are a small but significant finishing touch for your wedding and all the bragging rights go to you! You'll raise the bar with your personalized edible wafers.

Here are some favorites:

"Just Married" Bridal Topper Set

Beginning your celebrations with the "Just Married" Bridal Topper set is a fantastic idea. It includes everything you need to captivate party guests. Three distinct types of toppers are included in this package. You can choose between the "Just Married," "It was always you," and "Cupid Bow & Arrow" designs. Take a drink—with these edible garnishes on it, of course—because love is just a sip away. Oh, cupid, let that bow spike those cocktail beverages with heaps of adoration.

What are edible cocktail toppers made of? Edible cocktail toppers are wafer paper. Wafer paper is edible paper, made from potato starch and is vegetarian, vegan, gluten, and dairy free. Think of a piece of paper, only the wafers are thinner, softer, and of course, edible.

“I wanted to surprise my bride to be with some of these cocktail toppers for her signature drink and was worried they would not arrive in time but you made it happen and thank you thank you for getting my order delivered in time for our wedding! My bride was so happy to see these cocktail toppers on her signature drink! THANK YOU AGAIN!” - Carlos Godinez

The best way to ensure you always have enough toppers is to buy in bulk! Buying in bulk will save time and money when preparing for your wedding. You can thank us later (;

Customizable Rose Wreath Topper

Your names can be added to this classic rose wreath at Kandy Cocktails. A simplebut decorative design that substantially enhances the appearance of your cocktail. Rose wreaths are a wonderful way to awaken your upcoming event. They may be adapted to fit any theme and are easy to create. This wreath theme is a timeless design that can be used on many different occasions!

How long do cocktail toppers last? Cocktail toppers can last up to 2-3 years with proper storage.

Tips for best storage:

  • Kept in an airtight plastic bag or container.

  • Kept in an area at room temperature to keep it from humidity and sunlight. (This can fade ink colors)

“LOVED having these at our wedding! They were such a hit with the guests. Shipping and responses from the seller were very fast. Thank you!” -Alyssa

Quite frankly, all these toppers are photo-worthy. Have your friends, family, and colleagues snap a pic and post it! While at it, tag us on it! @kandycocktails_ we’d love to see your topper experience.

“I said yes” Topper

Congratulations bride or groom! You’ve said yes to a lifetime of love and endless intimate experiences. We say yes to you because we want you to feel like a million bucks when you party away. The toppers are made of high-quality edible wafer paper and feature a beautiful design that will add elegance and class to any drink. So say YES to us, pick me, choose me! We vow to remain faithful in making a memorable statement for your guests.

“The item quality was beyond great! The design was super cute, shipping was really quick. I will definitely be purchasing more items in the future!!” -Leslye

Hacienda Style Edible Cocktail Toppers - Customizable

At KandyCocktails, we take great pleasure in our Latin heritage. A delicious approach to honor the culture and heritage of Mexico is to use the Hacienda Style Topper. You will find a little bit of yourself in our toppers, as will your guests. These will work well if the Hacienda concept inspires you. Fun fact, the weddings in Spanish soap operas are monumental and that is an understatement. Hacienda venues are the usual pick for these series. There’s passion, devotion, and fervor that the characters bring to the wedding scenes. Casually, a mistress or secret lover comes to crash the wedding adding the drama to the night. Yea, no one wants that so let our toppers become the only commotion your evening needs.

“The items I purchased were delivered quickly. They are so cute and definitely give your cocktail that elevation that it needs. Will definitely buy more soon!” -Kayla

Customizable Monogram Cocktail Toppers

The greatest is ALWAYS saved for last. More important than the monogram itself is how it appears over your preferred cocktail beverage. With this Monogram Edible Cocktail Topper, simplicity and elegance are perfectly balanced. By selecting the font, size, and color, you can alter the monogram's appearance. Add this trendy element to your event.

How do you use cocktail toppers? For optimal results, simply place on your favorite foamed cocktail and watch it float away.

Now, don't be afraid to switch things up at your wedding. You are creating a memory of a lifetime. Make the statement you want to on this memorable day. We’re sure your guests will remember the smiles and joy they experienced along with you.

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